Monday, April 7, 2008

Not a Heartbreaking Romance After All

Hatenkou Yugi ends in episode ten. At least the first season does because the tenth episode basically leaves us with more mysteries. Like, who the heck is the guy with red hair? So there’s a high possibility of it having a second season. Well, currently, there isn’t any news of it having one, but I’ll have my hopes up. I hope, from the bottom of my heart, Hatenkou Yugi’s going to have another season. OVA’s should also be fine, but it comes out about once a month or something, too long to wait, not that Hatenkou’s not worth waiting anyway, because IT IS worth waiting.

Actually, from the opening theme, with the words “Heartbreaking Romance… lalala *humming tune*” I thought it’s going to have a sad ending, but I’m very very very delighted that it ends well (the first season that is). There are a lot of lovely scenes that shows just how much Alzeid cares for Rahzel. ^__^

Let’s elaborate the beautiful events shall we? (I always love elaborating these types of things… KYAAAAA!!) All righty… First, on the first parts—skip the guy with the red hair, I’m quite sure we’ll get to find out more about him WHEN the second season comes (Please please please come second season dearest). Ok, first, on Rahzel’s birthday celebration. It’s already known that Alzeid’s not the type of person who fancies celebrations or special occasions. I reckon he doesn’t care one bit about things like those, but BUT BUT… When they were celebrating Rahzel’s birthday (which he had no clue on at first by the way), he was very very curious and he took the effort to ask them what the occasion was. He even had a hard time comprehending what they were saying. Like at first, he asked what the occasion is, and then Rahzel’s dad answered, a birthday, and then Alzeid asked whose birthday it was, and then Heat replied “Rahzel-chan’s” and then Alzeid asked again, WHEN, and then they answered that it was today, and then HE BLUSHED!!! KYAAAA so cute! He said he didn’t know that it was her birthday, then Rahzel told him it was because he didn’t ask. And then after, Rahzel and Heat were talking about him, something like “it’s hard to relate Al with presents” and “It’s even dicey he knows about birthdays” He then told them that he’ll overcome that trial and will get Rahzel a birthday present. He is so cute! Like a little kid. :D I know by a hundred percent he wouldn’t do that sort of stuff to other people, just to Rahzel, because because because… heeeheee, we all know he likes her KYAAAA!!

It’s also evident that Rahzel’s dad, Seratildo, who happens to be Heat’s older brother doesn’t like Alzeid so much, I mean, just checking on the way he talks to him, it’s waaaaay obvious that he hates him. Possible reason? He knows that he (Alzeid) likes his daughter and that his daughter likes him back. I suppose it was the main reason why he wanted Alzeid to come with Solesta so he wouldn’t bother Rahzel or in other words, the two wouldn’t fall in love or the two (Rahzel and Alzeid) wouldn’t realize just how much they like/love each other. It’s probably what he meant by ‘his selfishness’ he doesn’t want another man to take his daughter away from him.

We can also see in Alzeid’s face that the thought of Rahzel leaving pains him. He was looking quite down and he HATES Rahzel’s dad. He’s definitely not the type of person who sucks up to those people dear to the one he loves. As a matter of fact, he considers Seratildo a rival, and that’s most likely the main reason why he despises the man so much. Haha, this isn’t something we see everyday. Most of the time the guy would try to get close to the girl’s father so they’d favor them, but Alzeid is just not the type of guy. It makes you adore him more, he is sooooo CUTE! Well, it turns out that the two guys feels the same way, Seratildo sees Alzeid as a rival and Alzeid thinks of him that way too. I just can’t wait to see how the two would acknowledge each other when Alzeid and Rahzel gets married and her father would find ways to annoy Alzeid. That’ll be entertaining, I’m sure.

One of the cutest parts of the tenth episode (Personal Opinion) is when Alzeid was picking a gift for Rahzel. Inside the store, he told the shop keeper something like “On the honor of my pride, I have to choose the most amazing present” His pride according to my interpretation would be being the number one in Rahzel’s heart. I’ve already mentioned that I think, he sees Seratildo as a rival and I suppose he also sees Heat as one, so since the two other guys already bought Rahzel presents, he wants to beat them up in the present thingy, to be number one in Rahzel’s heart (haha, gomen, messy I know… but just please understand what I’m trying to express). Also, when asked by the shopkeeper on what type of gift he’d like to find, he answered “Something Breathtaking” along with the proud, handsome and adorable look on his face. He most definitely wants to swipe Rahzel off her feet. KYAAAAAA!! (Ok, please excuse my KYAAA’s I cannot stop myself when it comes to stuffs like these) PLUS he said something like “Something that, whenever she looks at it, even if we are apart, will make her remember me” KYAAAAAAAAAAA!! *fans myself* Just how sweet is that!? It’s not too mushy, but it’s very very sweet, I just LOVE Alzeid! I mean seriously, he took the effort and I mean great effort of finding a perfect gift for Rahzel-chan, he even interrogated the other customer who entered which was actually Rahzel’s real father, the one who abandoned her, but he didn’t know that. Anyways, he took great measures to find the most amazing present for our heroine and that means a lot, especially to a guy like Alzeid who is branded cold and unfeeling (apparently, that description doesn’t apply when it comes to Rahzel). Oh yeah, one funny scene was when he asked the shopkeeper if the sheep (alive and moving) was for sale, and then the shopkeeper told him that it is the other shop’s billboard sheep Seratilko. And Alzeid commented that the sheep has an annoying name. Why? Because it’s close to Rahzel’s father’s name Seratildo. He is so cute. :D

Well, what happened was, he realized that HE CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT RAHZEL and he ends up running as fast as he could. He chased the train which Rahzel boarded, and Rahzel, while inside the running train, felt that Alzeid was chasing her went to the back of the train (I don’t know the proper term to use for that particular area) and Alzeid gave one of the most beautiful speeches ever! Haha I know it pretty much sounded selfish, saying stuffs like he wouldn’t let anyone who isn’t beside him to reside in his heart thingy. But we all know what that means… the translation: “I don’t want you to leave me” or “Don’t leave me”. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! *fans myself once more* And then, it shows up! One of the best scenes in the anime and probably one of the best un-cheesy much boy and girl runs towards one another scenes. Rahzel jumps off the train, scolding Alzeid and Alzeid saying “Idiot!” or “Baka!” because the girl just jumps off. It was because he’s worried, the last thing he wants is having her hurt! :D And then, he moves to catch her… HAHA!!! KYAAAAAA!! They had another short talk after and then Rahzel’s dad shows up. Alzeid then tells Rahzel that for his present, he will give her another chance and told her to stand up against her father. HAHA!! I just love him. And then Rahzel tells him that she’ll accept the challenge, and poses the same pose she did on the first episode, the gun stuff.

So I suppose it’s safe to assume that Rahzel’s going to continue the adventure with Alzeid and Heat. She’ll probably ask for her father’s permission. Her father seems stubborn so it might take some effort, but I think he’d allow her to go with the two guys. He loves his daughter after all. As for the guy with red hair, I suppose he can also use magic. Probably someone Rahzel knew before, perhaps a close friend or a rival, or both. With the flow of the series, it isn’t impossible for unique friendships like those. Anyways, I think there’ll be another season of Hatenkou Yugi (I hope there’ll be another season) because, the tenth episode left us hanging, and there is this new character introduced. But as I’ve said, there isn’t any news regarding the matter, but I do hope there’ll be a second season. Please oh please let there be a second season… :D

Hatenkou Yugi is totally going to be on my all time faves list. Definitely an anime that’s worth watching, haha! I’ve seen it twice, and it’s really very nice. :D

Second season please come…. :D

Saturday, April 5, 2008

My Thoughts Exactly regarding Ergo Proxy

Lately, I’ve been watching Ergo Proxy. At first I had no clue as to what the anime’s all about. I haven’t read any synopsis for it either (at least I can’t remember reading any of them). Well, Reich recommended the anime and provided me the material so I tried it out. At first I thought it was weird and well, boring since there’s nothing much going on the first episode. There isn’t a lot of action, no humor, plots too vague (seriously, I didn’t get to understand the plot and the things the characters are talking about until the later episodes, haha maybe it’s just me ^_^), the main character’s well… as what Lil described him, boring face, and it made me think--some boring personality perhaps, so I got pretty sleepy at the start of the show. I thought of dropping it, but my friend said that Vincent Law gets better looking on the third episode, haha well I believe it’s something worth watching so I continued the anime and now I’m glad I did.

I started getting into the anime the moment I saw Pino, the little infected autoreiv. She’s so cute and I just love her. It’s good the creators decided to have her in the show. She’s my favorite character in the anime by the way. Ok, I’ve only seen half of the whole series (I will be watching the rest later) and so far so good. I get to understand a lot of things and the show gets more interesting after every episode.

Quick briefing… Ergo Proxy’s plot happens on a futuristic scenario. The world seems to have crumbled and people can only live securely on places called domes. The world outside the dome is actually very dirty, erm… it’s not very good. The story revolves around the character Vincent Law, he looks very very very lame at first, but he gets to look better on the later parts, episode three to be exact. Well not really very good looking, but much better than his first appearance. Anyways, along with him is the Administrator’s granddaughter, Lil Mayer (I love her eye shadow). What the two of them have in common or how the two of them are related is not known until the later episodes where Daedelaus referred to the proxy as Lil.

Proxies, as I can recall, are creatures that are far greater than human beings. They aren’t mechanical like the entourages or the autoreivs but they are considered immortal and terrifyingly strong. Since they live way way longer than humans can, it is all right to assume that they are also much more knowledgeable.

Later on it is revealed that Proxies can also take the form of human beings and that the main character, Vincent Law is actually a proxy called Ergo Proxy—the proxy of death. I haven’t typed it in yet, but there are different types of Proxies, Vincent managed to meet two, although he lost his memory which was his decision, as explained by the Proxy of Knowledge whom he killed btw. Actually, there was something yaoi-ish on that scene. You see, the guy who was the Proxy of Knowledge’s lover Senekisu or something anyways she was the Proxy of Moonlight (or he), all right, it was mentioned that proxies don’t have gender so, not entirely yaoi, but since Vincent takes the form of a human guy and the Proxy of Knowledge also takes the form of a human guy, it’s more or less yaoi. So I take the side of yaoi (yeah, my writings totally messed up). I love the scene wherein the blondie (Knowledge Proxy) said that he could love Vince and attempted to kiss his hand, I was almost almost going to scream KYAAAA! Until Vincent took his hand away and said that he doesn’t remember anything. Honestly, I would have preferred the guy and Vincent over Lil and Vincent if Vincent haven’t killed the guy, but since he did and the story seems to point out (Just my speculation actually, I’ll know if I hit the bulls eye after I finish the show) that Lil is the other proxy who helped Ergo Proxy loose all his memories. The Knowledge Proxy said that the proxy’s name was Mados or something, I know it starts with ‘M’, anyways, he told Vincent, that to take away all his memories, that proxy must have loved him. And if that proxy is indeed Lil, I wouldn’t say anything else to tamper their love.

The only thing about the story that disappoints me so far is WHY DO PROXIES HAVE TO KILL EACH OTHER!? It would be better--so much better if they’d join forces, build a community of some sort, they’re intelligent, they could create a great community and they can fight together to defeat those who thinks ill or plans terrible things on them. OK this is just a personal opinion, please please please don’t get angry at me. Besides, this post is made before I am able to finish the anime so I might change my opinion later.

Come to think of it, I think it’s better to finish the whole anime before making too much blabbers, me sorry… but I’ve already typed this much, so I’ll be posting this ok?

Anyways to rate the anime (just until the twelfth episode, I’ve only seen until there, but I’ll be watching more later, like probably after I finish this post(?)):

The animation is excellent!! Definitely one of the best I’ve seen so far. The plot’s sort of unclear at first, but just hang around and you’ll turn to understand it and apparently get to want more of the anime. The characters, well I’d say interesting, you know all of the characters are mysterious and when you find out something about them you get all the while more interested about their backgrounds or real face. Ergo Proxy is in my opinion a philosophical type of anime, it’s not much of an action type, as a matter of fact there aren’t many action scenes in the show. The brutality level from one to five, with five being the highest brutality rate, would be 2, there are bloodstains yes, but how those bloodstains got there isn’t shown so it’s easy to watch, no need to close your eyes for those who cannot take hard anime violence like myself. The anime sort of reminds me of Bubblegum crisis Tokyo 2040, you know, infected mechs, people assigned to eliminate the infected mechs, stuffs like that, but the story’s different of course since it focuses more on Proxy’s and the mystery behind them rather than the eradication of defective technology (anyway, just to note, the virus on autoreivs aren’t that bad, they just obtain feelings so I feel bad for them when the authority hunts them down. The virus tends to make them cuter btw, check Pino, she’s sooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable).

So for now, I’ll be watching more of it!!! :D haha!! I want to see more of Pino, and I’d like to see if some of my speculations are correct. It’s a good anime by the way, it makes you think… :D and many thanks to Reich for recommending the anime to me and for the files… Thank you so much… :D I’ll be watching more, Ja!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bus Gamer First Impressions

I always visit three websites first when I’m on the computer, first would be my gmail and my yahoomail and then of course one of my most favorite websites in the whole wide world, the ever reliable Tokyo Toshokan. So while I was browsing Tokyotosho, checking out if there are new subbed releases of the anime shows I’m currently watching, a new anime by the title Bus Gamer caught my attention so I went to google and searched for it. It turns out to have an interesting plot. The genre’s what I usually have (adventure, mystery) so I tried it out. Haha, I’m quite sure nobody’s interested on how I’ve gotten hold of it, haha! I just didn’t know how to start this thing right, I cannot say a lot about it yet because I’ve only seen the first episode, but I think it’s pretty good… so, so… SO before anyone grabs something to throw to me (if that’s even possible) for making insensible rants at the start of this post, let me go to the main topic. :D

Well, at first I thought Bus Gamer was like Gensomaden Saiyuki or Getbackers since the way the characters are drawn are pretty much the same, but as the story moved (just the first episode ne?) I still think its characters are drawn similarly (heehee). Anyways, the plot is different of course, no demons or any power/magic-related thingy, at least as far as the first episode goes and it’s very interesting, and thus it’s now a part of my “currently watching” list.

So what is Bus Gamer? I’m quite confused myself because in the first episode, one of the characters mentioned “Biz Gamer” for “Business Gamer” but the title is obviously “Bus Gamer” oh, I get it “Biz” short for Business and “Bus” the first three characters in the word “Business” :D. Ok I’ll stop spitting nonsense now… Bus Gamer is about these three guys namely, Nakajou Nobu, Mishiba Toki and Saitou Kazuo who joined this game called the “Biz Game” or something. The Biz Game, as explained by a high ranking guy in a company of some sort who hired the three guys I’ve mentioned, is a game among different companies, wherein they would choose a team that’s composed of three people to represent their company.

The game is between a home team, a team whose task is to protect a disk that contains information about the company and an away team, the team who charges in an attempt to steal the disk from the home team. The gamers are paid 10,000 in the first game and the amount accumulates depending on the number of games won by the team.

The disk, as mentioned has relevant company data that is very valuable to the company and its competitors. I think the main purpose of the game is to give different companies a chance to gain important confidential information regarding their rival companies. To prevent war or something tragic to happen to the company itself, they decided to make it a game wherein large stuffs are at stake, and the people inside the company’s lives are not at risk and of course, entertainment for the rich guys.

The characters in my opinion are very interesting people. They were chosen because among all the people who received and replied to the mail, the three of them were the only ones who left the question “What do you want to do with the money?” blank. Apparently, the guy who hired them found it interesting so that’s how they got there.

The three of them did not know each other before the assembly, so they had a difficult time getting along. Two of them, Nakajou Nobu and Mishiba Toki who are like the strongest of the three (Saitou Kazuo had no idea on what he got himself into and admitted that staying healthy is his only talent, so most likely he’s not good in battles, it’s seen on the first episode btw) are both against the members chosen for the team. They both think of them superior and believe that none of the other two members are worthy to team up with them. Yeah, arrogance… but I think they have the right to be, they’re good, very good, I think the both of them are equally skillful so no problems with attitude there. Kazuo is as I have elaborated, the youngest and erm weakest of the three, but he’s friendlier compared to the other two, so he might serve as the guy in the middle, preventing the two from killing themselves.

Their first meeting did not work out, their second meeting is the same, the third meeting wasn’t planned or expected but it bonded the three, it turns out that the three of them are regular customers/know of this ramen shop. It’s probably the only similarity the three of them have and luckily it formed a team. Each of them wanted 1 Billion (I’m not sure with the currency, I think it wasn’t mentioned, well it takes place in Japan so maybe it’s in Yen) The reason for their need for that much wasn’t stated yet, but Kazuo had a picture of him with a nun stored in his phone, perhaps (I’m so not sure on this) PERHAPS he’s an orphan and the nun took care of him and an event like the orphanage closing or something so needs a huge amount to restore it. Again, I’m not sure I’m only typing speculations. I’ve only seen the first episode. :D

Well, from the first episode, I’ve gotten pretty interested with Mishiba Toki, I think he’s cool and handsome too plus he’s got this cute watch with a flower design! KAWAII! :P haha. Anyways, I’ll surely be watching this anime, it’s pretty good and I believe it’s something worth watching :D

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rhazel for Alzeid

I’ve just recently seen the 8th episode of Hatenkou Yugi and finally, strong proof that Alzeid has feelings for Rhazel-chan KYAAA!! (Yeah, me back with the Kyaa’s again).

To start, please take note that unlike the ‘Saber Gilgamesh’ post I’ve made before, I hold no grudge against the other main character Hi-tan/Heat/BaroqueHeat. I like his character, he’s quite adorable and funny, just not the bishie type, but he’s all right. However, when it comes to Rhazel, without a single doubt in my head, I’d say, she’s for Alzeid.

All righty… Alzeid, as we all know is the strong, cold, tall, handsome albino guy. It’s been revealed that he’s traveling for vengeance. He’s searching for the woman who killed his father. Along the way, while he was torturing a guy, forcing him to give him his money, he met Rhazel and she, without knowing who Alzeid was at the moment, asked him to travel together and told him that she’d make his life more interesting (Very good way to start a relationship… haha hurray to Rhazel-chan).

That incident lead them to meeting Heat and to various adventures which are indeed very interesting and (haha… gomen, mushy-ness coming up) shows that Alzeid isn’t really a cold guy, well he’s a cold guy yes, but he’s capable of caring for others (Especially Rhazel). Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to her traveling with him in the first place. Actually, I think the main reason why he allowed her to accompany him is because she looks so much like the woman who killed his father (weird eh? But as the story goes, it is revealed that that woman was the one who told him about the outside world, since he couldn’t go out at first because of albinism, so the woman might have been his first friend. He can now go out under the sun without problems… well another episode spoke of sacrifice, erm… still a lot of mysteries unraveled, ah I cannot wait… WAIT!!! I’m totally going off the subject ok back).

Alzeid totally cares for Rhazel because Rhazel is a very adventurous person who tends to get lost, get herself in trouble (not that she couldn’t get herself off it though, she’s a sorceress, plus she has close strong friends, if in any case magic isn’t enough to bail her out), but Alzeid being Alzeid doesn’t seem to mind, and although he scolds her at times, he doesn’t seriously think of her as a nuisance (he calls her moronic woman or any other insults, but he doesn’t really mean that, I’m very sure :D).

They have so much in common. Say the card game of names poker or something, the one Rhazel told Heat to play with her while Alzeid is out, well more like fainted after eating a food his tongue couldn’t seem to comprehend. Rhazel explained the rules of the game to Heat and Hi-tan was having a difficult time understanding it. Well, we cannot blame him, the game is unplayable, lol, the rules are so difficult to understand, I get a headache just trying to figure it out. Well as I said, Heat was having a hard time understanding the game but when Alzeid woke up, dandandandan… it turns out that he knows the game and is an expert of it and the two of them ended up playing, with Hi-tan getting out of place :D. haha I’ve only given one common thing about them, but when you watch the series, you’ll see… there are LOTS OF THEM.

Erm… what’s this post about again? Oh, right… Well, we can see that Alzeid really cares about her on the first episode, the one with the ghost with the promise. When the ghost asked her if she minds her killing Alzeid before he betrays her, Rhazel said that there is no promise between the two of them so there is nothing to break. Then at the end of the episode, Alzeid asked her if she wants a promise… (KYAAAAA!!!)

Next is on the episode with the albino kid. The child, not being able to go out on daylight wondered what the sky looks like and then Alzeid told him that it’s like Rhazel’s eyes. The little girl then went to Rhazel and looked at her eyes and then she returned to Alzeid and told him that it’s beautiful. Then then then…. Alzeid said “Yes, very bewitching” (KYAAAA!!)

Well there are more scenes, but I’ll go to the main part now, the part where I said it’s strongly proven that he has feelings for her. (I still have a lot of things to do so I’ll speed things up). On episode 8, Baroqueheat said something about not wanting to say goodbye to Rhazel and unexpectedly, he kissed her. It was totally shocking, but what made me go KYAA! Was Alzeid’s expression when Heat kissed Rhazel. His eyes looked murderous, almost prepared to kill the other guy. (btw, Hi-tan got slapped by Rhazel after)

And then after that kiss incident, it’s probably on the next day, he barges into Rhazel’s room without knocking. It turned out that he wanted to explain Solista’s ability to her and then tells her not to use magic (Yeah right!), well I don’t believe that’s the only reason he went to her. He probably doesn’t want her pondering over the kiss between her and Hi-tan. Then, again unexpectedly, he pushes her to the bed and I know their faces weren’t that close but I’m quite sure he gestured to kiss her. But he let her go after a while and said things that looked like scolds for her having too much openings (I think he really wanted to kiss her, but he felt Heat’s presence by the window so he didn’t do it.)

After that, he asked Heat to explain about the incident that had happened yesterday, (Definitely the kiss incident). Later on, while they were discussing, Heat asked him if he’d agree with Solista’s proposal of him getting back to the military and leaving Rhazel behind. He just tells him something like “Do you really think I can leave that moronic woman alone?” then continues with things like Rhazel always getting into trouble… bla bla bla… then a statement similar to “Unlike some people, she considers me her companion” haha! (Lots of excuses… he just doesn’t want to leave Rhazel)

See? See? Haha!! He loves her, he really does…
I’ll stop here for now. Gotta go back to the things I gotta do. :D

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Kanzato Ryou's Disguise

Heya!! It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I’ve been too preoccupied with erm… school work (yeah right). But, I was able to update my other blog. :D Gomenasai… visit it if you have time or if you love reading stories, I cannot promise excellent writing, super brilliant plots, but if you have free time, visit I’d really appreciate it. :D

After a few months, I finally decided to make a heading pic for this blog. I’ll try to experiment or get to know photoshop better when I get the time so I could post a better pic. :D Let’s have that for now, featuring, HinoxLen… XD

For the past months, I’ve been hooked to watching this good anime. I mean great anime that was based on a game, Persona Trinity Soul. It’s got awesome animation, plot’s good (I’m a big fan of mystery, haha, I actually have this strange fondness of stories with erm… weird plots and unclear stuffs going on) Anyways… I find the anime and its characters very likeable, my favorite character would be Kanzato Ryou the eldest brother, he’s handsome, he is a serious guy with some funny/adorable/cute scenes, me likey likey. Well, he isn’t really a serious guy and he’s not as cold as he presents himself, I mean he wasn’t when he was still young as seen on an episode of Persona, when he carried his younger brother Shun on his back when he tripped on the ground letting his balloon fly into the sky. He’s a good older brother, and it’s evident that he loves his brothers and cares for them a lot. I believe he distance himself from the people he cares for because he’s blaming himself for what had happened to his younger sister Yuki, Jun’s twin. It was recently explained that when they were younger, Jun and Yuki got into a fatal accident. The doctor approached Ryou, since he’s the eldest of the siblings and told him that only on of the twins will be able to live. He asked him to decide who among the two should live and amidst the aching of his heart, he was forced to make a decision. He chose Jun and the doctor had a part of Yuki’s brain implanted in his little brother. Until the present time, he’s still not over the matter since as I have mentioned, he puts a distance between them.

One of my favorite scenes with Ryou in the anime is when he saw this guy wearing a bear costume, selling balloons faint. He then helps him (very kind, very kind indeed) and even gone to buy the guy some food. But, the guy got terrified of him, I’m not so sure about the deal with Ryou and the Bear guy because I couldn’t remember the guy’s face, but he’s scared of him to the point of him leaving the area and his bear costume to get away from him. He’s probably another Persona user who had fought dear Ryou before or a criminal whom he caught before. Anyways, what happened was that the guy left and when Ryou came back to the area (a bench) to give the guy his food, there was only the bear guy’s bear costume. He came to look for the owner bringing the costume with him when he got pass two kids, one of them is crying telling his older brother that he wanted to get a balloon from Mr. Bear. The little boy wouldn’t stop crying so dandandandan… Ryou decided to wear the costume (KAWAII!!!) He came to the little boy’s rescue and handed him a balloon. The boy stopped crying and Ryou ended up dancing for the little boy. He seemed like he was enjoying himself back then. How I wished his facial expression while he was dancing was visible. Anyways, after a while, his phone rang and he was about to take the bear mask off when again, the little boy’s older brother said something like Mr. Bear is just a person, but the younger boy argued that Mr. Bear is alive. Haha! And Ryou, not wanting to destroy what the little boy believes, decided not to take the phone call (Weird for someone as workaholic as him… but that was his dayoff… but still weird… see! He’s a really nice person). To speed things up, kidnappers arrived on the scene and threatened to get the two kids, but it wasn’t their lucky day since the great Kanzato Ryou was there and guess what, the kidnappers ended up in the police station saying things like ‘A bear attacked them’ The police weren’t able to find out who saved the kids then…

Near the end of the episode, he was seen on the park reminiscing of the past, where Shun tripped and lost his blue balloon (wait, I’ve written this line before, oh well…) His trance was interrupted by a customer and it was his younger brother Shun, asking him if he could buy a balloon. Shun chose a blue balloon and too bad we weren’t able to see his facial expression back then, but there was a still moment before he gave the balloon to him, but, a guess… I think he smiled back then…

It wasn’t implied, but some people sort of feels that Ryou’s going out with the doctor, the girl doctor, I think her name’s Reiko or Keiko or something… but I’m sure it’s not that way. I REFUSE to believe that Ryou is dating that girl. They’re probably just good friends. BWAHAHAHAHAHA Ryou’s mine, MINE!!! And if ever he’s going to be paired up with someone in the story, I’d prefer an outgoing girl who’s pretty hard headed, but smart, probably an actress or a model or a band vocalist who’d give him a headache. I’m sure that’ll be really cute.